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Integrated system for language schools and I.T. management.


Interlining and mesh systems available for the whole of Latin America.


Building maintenance software for condominiums, hotels, hospitals, and the like.


Concrete analysis control system.

Leite Maranguape

Satellite systems integrated with Senir Sistemas' ERP and I.T. management.


Specific integrated system for I.T. manpower and management.


Financial and project control system and I.T. management.


Specific PCP systems for the spinning and weaving industry.


Integrated Hosting System - Hostweb.


Company Monitoring System - ADECE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customized software is designed to meet your company's unique demands, and as your company evolves you will still have an evolving system that adapts to your new needs.

Besides helping to manage costs, optimize processes, establish a harmonious workflow, meet specific demands, increase the team's productivity, and many other advantages.

To be successful in this phase, it is important that the process be carried out carefully, because this change generates transformations in all the company's dynamics. Our participation occurs from the first contact, we set up a meeting to get a clear vision of your expectations, in the research and throughout the development and implementation, offering all the necessary support for our solution to solve your problems. We work with three ways to start a project: creating a new system, a complementary system, or an integrated system, which way to go depends on your needs.

Because it is software, many tasks can be automated, saving your staff time so they can perform other more important tasks. Another benefit is that failures and errors are few or nonexistent, and precisely because this is a customized system it will meet all your needs. The departments in your company will be interconnected, making the work process between them much more agile. Besides this, because it is a technology, it is in constant evolution, the system improves according to what you need, becoming even more agile and productive.