January 3rd, 2005




Integrated System for Schools


Fortaleza - CE

Agile development project for Fisk unit.

The Fisk Seis Bocas School (Fortaleza – CE) tried to convert its old system to Clipper, operating since 1997. A year’s effort cannot be harnessed, when Casa Villar was hired at the end of 2004.

The new project started on January 3, 2005, with completion scheduled for June. It was an optimistic prediction in view of the web interface, which is more complex than the abandoned desktop system. In addition, there was the module for consistency and conversion of data from the Clipper system to the new database. Other aggravating factors: lack of web interface experience and the initial use of the new tool bought by Casa Villar, Ironspeed Designer.

Before purchasing the first license, for about six months they tested with this American web application generator, still in version 2.1. It promised to generate with quality most of the routines of the new system, especially the database tasks and the web pages for handling the application data.

Besides fulfilling its promise, the tool has proven to be an excellent teacher for the developer not yet versed in web technology. She took good care of the graphic design tasks, and both program and page code didactically guided the customization tasks.

Practical result: in the first week of March a version was made available for training and parallel operation. Three days later the old system was abandoned. Post-implementation adjustments were made smoothly and quickly.

The system already has a new, totally redesigned version in the testing phase, which will soon be implemented in all five schools.

Today, on the sixteenth anniversary of the project’s inception, five Fisk schools are using the system, with personalized assistance from Casa Villar.