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We are a custom web
development company

Casa Villar is a web development company of tailor-made systems with enhanced quality and extremely short deadlines compared to the competition. This is possible thanks to the team’s expertise and the code generation tools and methodologies that speed up development.

Founded in 1989, Casa Villar has developed custom-made business systems for companies in different segments – education, ports, textiles, food, and buildings, among others – and has perceived quality as the company’s success factor.

With a lean team of developers, Casa Villar has developed more than 40 systems in the last 15 years.

Who we are

The solution for your development!

Learn about the principles that inspire, motivate, and make us successful in our work:


To be recognized by customers as a partner, who helps in the creation and effective use of information technology resources.


Create, maintain, and help operate enterprise systems tailored especially for mid-sized and small businesses.


Ethics, simplicity, efficiency, and synergy with the client.

Why choose us?

Your company is unique and deserves a specific solution

Customized software:

To assertively achieve the results, we perform a deep internal analysis of everything that involves the problem and create a customized solution.

I.T. Outsourcing:

With highly qualified professionals you have at your disposal technologies and tools to carry out projects within your company.

System integrations:

System integration is done to optimize your processes, centralize data, and improve the user experience.

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Our History

Time Line

Follow the development of Casa Villar!


- Start of Fernando Villar Consultoria em Informática.

TEBASA Têxtil Baquit S.A. Fiação - Consulting and Customized Systems.

SJ Administração de Imóveis - Consulting and Customized Systems.

Granjas Joragri - Customized System

Jornal O Povo - Consulting and Customized Systems.

Cosbel - Consulting and Customized Systems.

Construtora Estrela - Consulting

Construtora Nossa Senhora de Fátima - Consulting, Customized Systems and Construction Supervision.

Blokus Engenharia - Sales System

1993 - 1995

Imarf - Stock System (Warehouse)

Sanny Confecções - System Development

Granjas Joragri - Customized System

SJ Administração de Imóveis - Property Management System

1999 - 2005

Secrel (1999 - 2001) - Retail System (Back Office).

Proteus Soluções em Segurança da Informação - Systems in the Information Security area.

Formation of Casa Villar.

Fisk - Customized System today in 5 schools.

Unitêxtil - Expedition, Production Planning and Control and I.T. Management

Leite Maranguape - Consulting in ERP selection and several satellite systems integrated with ERP

2006 - 2010

Faculdade Católica Rainha do Sertão (Quixadá) - ERP Consulting and Implementation Satellite Systems

LeanKeep - Customized Systems for SaaS service provision in the Maintenance Area.

Órgão Gestor de Mão de Obra do Porto do Mucuripe - Customized System

Fisk - Customized System today in 5 schools.

Secrel Hostweb - Customized System in partnership with the Client's Team

MySchool (Curitiba) - School Management System

Adece - Monitoring System

2011 - 2019

CETREDE - Customized System and I.T. Management

Concrete - Tailored System

Pemalex - Customized System for Knitting, Dyeing and Printing.


Meet our team!

Fernando Villar

Casa Villar's Founder CEO

Henrique Villar

I.T. Analyst

Werther Villar

Project Manager, Web Systems Analyst and DBA Sql Server

Emanuel Araujo

I.T. Analyst

Altemon Moura

I.T. Analyst