May, 2007




Specific Integrated System


Fortaleza - CE

OGMO-CE - Specific integrated system for labor and I.T. management

Certain situations require the core system to be custom developed, a valid example is when the core operational process is very specific. As was the case with OGMO-CE, where very specific labor legislation led to this decision.

A very specialized weekly payroll with very volatile rules, for the self-employed port workers (TPA), amazed the then Microsiga (today Totvs) that recommended a more specialized solution. Even though a specific product was identified, then being implemented at OGMO Manaus, the custom development proposed by Casa Villar, with costs of the same order of magnitude, was chosen.

In operation since 2008, the system includes importing and querying the old database. It works integrated with Totvs Protheus, responsible for the monthly vacation and Christmas bonus payrolls, as well as the annual routines. In this case most of the work, the weekly sheet, is done by the Casa Villar system.

Even so, we took advantage of some existing functionalities of one of the national ERP’s that, in this case, plays the role of the satellite system.