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Pemalex - Interlining and mesh system.

Pemalex is a genuine industry from Ceará, which for 40 years has offered quality interlinings and meshes for all of Brazil and Latin America.

In 2020, the company decided to replace its current ERP with a tailor-made system, because during the years of use it could not achieve the goals and adapt to the traditional system, so it opted for this tailor-made solution.

The complaints were about the incompatibility of the system with Pemalex’s needs, for this reason Casa Villar created a tailor-made solution for the factory floor, replacing the traditional integrated system that was in use, and also the fiscal financial administration system, which was replaced by the Fortes system integrated to the factory floor system.

It is worth mentioning that the project and its implementation was carried out during the pandemic over a period of 14 months, which was a success and we were able to adapt easily to the client’s specific needs.