Web Systems for Smartphones.

Agile alternative for an initial mobile version

Building web systems hosted on Windows servers has been greatly advanced by the latest development tools, especially the application generator Iron Speed, responsible, along with the technical team, for the speed and quality of the systems built by Casa Villar for its clients.

The use of smartphones and tablets as work tools has brought new possibilities and demands for development. However, the development of embedded systems for these devices are severely limited by both the available hardware and the lack of Iron Speed-like tools. This results in longer development times and costs.

Other aggravating factors:

– Data synchronization routines between the mobile device and the central system;

– Various system versions: Android, IOS (Apple) and Windows.

An initial short-term version

A functional alternative for any mobile platform is web development with pages and styles designed especially for smartphones.

For this we can count on the help of Iron Speed, it has a large number of styles and pages with search features, specially designed for the smartphone.

The example of the editing page for tasks performed (Casa Villar’s internal system) is in the same application accessed from PC’s, that is, a web system hosted on a Windows server with an SQL Server database.

Of course, internet availability limits the use of this web version. In many situations this is acceptable, however, even when there is a need for an embedded development, the web version as a starter with the central system will also serve, both for use in areas with internet, as a guide for the development of the embedded version.

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