Distance development: is it really feasible?

Yes, and it even has some advantages!

Not only our remotely served customers, but also our in-person customers, who enjoy some services, both Skype conferences and remote interventions in their systems, when needed.

The term usufruct indicates clear benefits regarding the agility and convenience of this type of support support.

Likewise, e-mail communication includes the advantage of a more detailed description of requirements and incidents that need support. This does not eliminate communication via Skype or telephone preceding the written formalization, when necessary.

Customized development and support

System development by Casa Villar is truly a customized service.

As in the case of a tailor, the relationship with the customer is more intense and includes a level of trust usually only built over time of coexistence, but verifiable through current customers.

The support after the delivery of the system can also be done in a personalized way by Casa Villar, as well as by the client’s own IT team or by another company that you trust that will manage the system developed.

Success Case

Our Client Leankeep, for which we have been developing Web and Mobile solutions since 2007, maintains an intense and, we can say, very close remote relationship.


Distance, then, does not become an obstacle to the success of Casa Villar’s development of customized systems, quite the contrary.

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