Leankeep - Building Maintenance Software

In February 2007, Casa Villar was hired by Seccional Informática to develop the new version of the TPMOC software, a building maintenance control software based on PMOC (Maintenance, Operation and Control Plan).

Using code generation through the Iron Speed Designer tool (ASP.NET web application generator and SQL Server database) we were able to develop the first version of the new software in less than 1 year with a team of only 2 developers.

In March 2009, we started a new migration and redesign project of the TPMOC software.

The project included the software migration to the most current version of Iron Speed, structural change of software processes and new layout, with the new project the company Seccional Informática also changed the name of the software to Leankeep (Light Maintenance), debuting the new brand.

In January 2011, we started the project of an embedded version for Windows Mobile smartphones with data synchronization, at the end of 6 months we delivered the first version for homologation.

Casa Villar continues with the evolution of the Leankeep software to this day, maintaining 4 specific versions:

  • Web – Main version for conventional computers;
  • Web mobile – Web version for smartphones and tablets;
  • Mobile touch – Version for windows mobile 6 phones with touchscreen;
  • Mobile – Version for windows mobile 6 phones with keyboard.


With an experienced team, allied with the Iron Speed Designer technology, Casa Villar is able to keep the Leankeep software in continuous evolution with a reduced number of resources.

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