Customized System for Unitêxtil

Unitêxtil, a traditional spinning and weaving company from Ceará, has invested in modernizing its production line and adjusting its administrative area, thus preparing itself for the times of fierce global competition.


In 2005, Casa Villar started the project aiming at the automation of the fabrics expedition, also replacing the unsuccessful Clipper system that was never implemented.

The new customized system had its first version implemented in about three months, including the individual control of each produced roll, labeling, and the use of a data collector, both in stock counting and in the preparation of output and processing romaneios, it also takes advantage of the Totvs Corpore ERP.

Production Planning and Pricing

With the success of the Expedition System, the new challenge became the construction of a tailored system for planning the production of yarns and fabrics, which included cost management with detailed results of costs per product and pricing.

Once again the intensive use of a good generation of programs, allied to the experienced development team, has resulted in another successful implementation.

Other Systems

The production control (yarns and fabrics) was later implanted using the same technology, all these systems are relevant examples of tailored development on time, and consequently, reduced costs.

Today, Casa Villar, besides developing the custom system, helps Unitêxtil to manage its IT resources.

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