Custom Development: When to Turn to?

The purpose of this article is to guide the followers of our newly created blog about the main existing demands for custom development that we raised based on our market experience. Let’s go:

Current Situation

Companies of all sizes increasingly employ integrated management systems to improve their operational and managerial flows. On the other hand, the true fiscal slavery to which Brazilian companies are subjected – they even perform tax collection tasks – can only be met via adequate ERP (acronym for integrated systems – Enterprise Resource Planning).

The acquisition and implementation of an ERP is a complex and usually very painful process, we will certainly talk about this here on the blog in the future.

The functionalities available in the integrated systems are countless, usually the result of years of development, improvement, and meeting the new needs of customers and governmental fiscal hunger.

Satellite Systems

Even so, there are often needs that are not met by the functionalities available in the ERP.

This is a first case in which a tailor-made satellite system can solve, Casa Villar has numerous examples of satellite systems in its clients, even consolidating data from two different systems, making them much more adherent to the companie’s businesses.

Here is a guiding parenthesis when choosing an ERP: it is desirable that it has suitable interfaces (API’s) that facilitate the interaction between tailor-made satellite systems and the integrated system. This facilitates the growth of this system so that it can continue to serve the company when new demands arise, without the need to change the entire ERP – which is extremely costly and labor intensive, by the way.

Customized Integrated System

Certain situations require the core system to be custom developed, a valid example is when the core operational process is very specific.

As was the case with our client OGMO-CE, where a very specific labor legislation led to this decision.

Even so, we took advantage of some existing functionalities of one of the national ERP’s that, in this case, plays the role of the satellite system.

Advances in technology

The use of competent and flexible code generation through the Iron Speed tool used by Casa Villar enables tailored web and mobile solutions, which justifies our promise: “agile development up to 3x faster”.

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